Mission, vision and values


To offer certifications in internationally recognized technical issues/subjects associated with industrial sectors. Training support and specialized technical expertise with other services such as inspections, consulting, assessments, audits, manuals, diagnostics, among others.

Specifically, we work in markets such as Oil & Gas, Electrical, Chemical, Mining, Metallurgical, Aerospace, Defense and Security, Maritime and Trade, Process, Manufacturing and engineering, Automotive, other industries; appropriate to the particular needs of our customers.


Be the best choice for human capital formation in specialized technical matters that support compliance with regulations and standards, risk reduction and creating the best competitive advantages for our customers.


Resolute attitude towards risk mitigation and ideal solution of specialized technical problems.

Sense of belonging. Proud to belong to TCI, assuming the problems of customers as ours.

Customer focus. Offer the best means of training to the technical requirements of our customers, ensuring the expertise required for risk mitigation and crisis solution techniques.

Total quality. The training is focused on solve the specialized technical problems and needs of each client and, to reach and accomplish the requirements to achieve high quality standards.