What we offer

Training methods

Design and accessibility

Training, evaluation, accreditation and specialized technical audit, using different training techniques to facilitating teaching and accessibility to our customers.



  • Classroom
     Education provided by an expert instructor in personal contact with the participants
  • Virtual Assistant
    Online as attendee during the classroom course in addition to educational training using virtual media
  • Webinar
    Real-time interaction with the instructor and participants through high technology internet platform
  • Courses and training adapted to your requirements
    Personalized and exclusive to particular requirements, both in content and design mode and location mode
  • Consulting Services
    Consulting services to increase productivity, generate productive innovations and eliminate deviations from standards of their industry
  • Other Services
    If you require industrial services outside the field of training, TCI makes available its network of allies in support services: calibrations, inspections, audits and many more. Contact us